What is CBR?

    CBR = Certified Buyer Representative

    An Agent or Broker who is a CBR is hired by a Buyer (Buyer Client) to represent the interest of the Buyer, instead of the interest of the Seller, which is normally the case. The CBR assists the Buyer in finding a home and in carrying out all of the necessary steps to bring the transaction to closing.


    What I can do for you as my Buyer Client that I cannot do for you as a Buyer Customer:

    1. Negotiate the best price for you.
    2. Give you an indication of what the Seller will accept.
    3. Let you know why the Seller is moving.
    4. Give you the time on the market for the listing.
    5. Inform you of price reductions, previous offers.
    6. Do a Comparative Market Analysis for you to assist you with your offer.
    7. Keep your name anonymous.
    8. Run an ad for you in the newspaper.
    9. Look up zoning regulations for you. 
    10. Prospect foreclosures, bank owned properties, un-represented Sellers (For Sale By Owner).
    11. Help you find the negative features of the property. 
    12. Help you choose a property.
    13. I will owe you the responsibilities of Care, Confidentiality, Loyalty, Obedience, Accounting, and Disclosure.
    14. You will have the Representation and Protection that you deserve.